Calling CQ in SOTA heaven !

The month of May was the warmest for 100-years in the south part of Norway, with record temperatures and record snow melting at the highest summits. Never before have I been able to activate the following 4-point summits, so early in the calendar year.

Nevroldnuten LA/RL-153, Buernuten LA/RL-164, Grytenuten LA/RL-081, Veranibbene LA/RL-155, Reinaskardnuten LA/RL-134, Saata LA/HL-099, Nordreskornuten LA/RL-133, Elvershei LA/RL-105, Smalatinden LA/HL-111, Hegerlandsnuten LA/HL-114 and Holmanuten LA/HL-102.

Thanks to all the great summit chasers, and I am looking forward to work you again from my next SOTA activation.


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