LA9XGA Remote project is coming to an end

Here are some pictures of my remote station setup with separate TX and RX site located at the summit of Mt. Ramnafjell 3215 ft, and at the summit of Mt. Reinsnuten 3828 ft.

The TX site is powered by 1000V/230V AC powerline, and the RX site is powered by Fuel cells and Solar cells, making it a very eco-friendly low-noise site.

At the TX site i am using a ICOM IC-7100 with 100W or less, one Microbit RRC-1258 MKII Remoterig device, and one 5 GHZ bridge to my Home QTH. The site is equipped with wire antennas for all HF-bands, and stacked dipole arrays for VHF and UHF-bands.

At the RX site i am using a FlexRadio FLEX-6700™ as receiver, connected by LAN-remote via a 5 GHZ bridge to my Home QTH. The site is equipped with four 200 ft Beverage On Ground antennas.

Thanks to DX Engineering, LBS LowBandSystem, Pileup Communication, Balun Designs, FlexRadio, Elecraft, Icom and MiroTIK for their line of outstanding products and technologies which was selected for this LA9XGA Remote project, based on their unique features.


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