My remote station in all it’s winter glory

Went on a hike to my remote station at the summit of Mt. Reinsnuten ( 3828 ft ) today, and it’s definitely wintertime up here. The remote station is powered by Fuel Cells and Solar Cells, so it’s a very eco-friendly and neighbour-friendly amateur radio site. I am using a ICOM IC-7100 and two Microbit RRC-1258 MKII Remote Rig devices , and wire antennas for all HF-bands. On VHF and UHF I am using dipoles and vertical antennas. The remote station is remotely operated by a 5GHZ bridge from my house 12km away.

1200W of Solar Cells covered by 50cm rock solid ice.

This is the summit view to the west, and it’s like this 360 degrees. A great place for a amateur radio station.


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