World Wide Flora & Fauna activation in Arctic Norway


The wonderful Aurora Borealis is sending it’s dancing lights across the skies, and the stars are shining bright on the first night of my World Wide Flora & Fauna expedition in Arctic Norway. I started the hike in WWFF LAFF-0175, and ended up in WWFF LAFF-0153 five days later.  I was able to activate WWFF LAFF-0174, LAFF-0175, LAFF-0024 and LAFF-0153 with a total of 326 qso’s. The propagation was quite good the whole trip, and my Buddistick multiband vertical antenna was doing a great job and so did my Elecraft KX3 transceiver. There was many chasers who was able to work me from every WWFF LAFF area, and I would like to thank every one of you for this great experience and your patience.


Wonderful fall colors, and a great campsite in WWFF LAFF-0024.


Cw was the preferred mode on this WWFF expedition.


The campfire provides light and warmth, and some relaxing nighthours.


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