SOTA LA/RL-246 Loelandsnuten


The weather was nice when I started on the early morning hike to Mt. Loelandsnuten 1824 feet, and the view from the trail is terrific and offers many photographic opportunities. Although the hike is short, there are some very steep sections near the summit.


My antenna tower and the end-fed 3-band wire antenna, that I am using on most SOTA activations. A solid and nice cairn at the summit, and the view from this point is breathtaking.


Everything is set, and I am ready for some CW fun on 20 meter band. Propagation was quite good this morning, and I had no problem working all stations that I was able to hear running only 5W.


It got rather windy in the afternoon, but still warm with +20 degrees. A great SOTA activation, with lots of fun.


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