SOTA LA/RL-149 Vardanuten


This was my very first SOTA activation in summer, and it was a very warm and nice day in this great mountain are. Mt. Vardanuten is 3644 feet, and a 6-point summit. This was the first activation of this summit ever, and my plan is to activate this summit again as soon as the winter is here.


We had lot of snow last winter, and there is still plenty of snow in this mountain are.


Summit view from Mt.Vardanuten. I am using my Elecraft KX3 and a end-fed 3-band wire antenna. The propagation on most HF-bands was quite good this afternoon, and I was able to work 49 stations (cw and ssb).


Working SSB on 14285.0 MHz. G6TUH Mike was the first station I got in my loogbook. Thank’s to all chaser’s that come on frequency and gave me a call. Always nice to give you some new summit points.


A nice view of Mt. Hustveitsaata SOTA LA/RL-089.


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