Monthly Archives: December 2014

SOTA LA/RL-066 Bjoerndalsnuten


Today I decided to activate SOTA LA/RL-066 Bjoerndalsnuten 3333 feet, wich is a summit in a wonderful and very remote mountain area. The weather was not to good and I had a very strong wind from south east together with fog, rain, sleet and snow.

I made 70 contacts (cw and ssb) on 20 meters, and the signals where very good at times, and I was using my Elecraft KX3 and my Buddistick vertical antenna.

I also got my very first S2S in the log today, when EA2BDS/P at EA2/BI-061 gave me a call.


Thanks to all chasers, and I am looking forward to hear you all again from my next summit.