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Satellite Roving in Norway

My interest in roving began a few weeks after I became active on satellites in february 2021, and last summer I did a major rove in South Norway activating 26 grid squares and working more than 1200 stations around the world. I only use portable equipment when I’m out roving, and I activate both LEO satellites and the QO-100 GEO satellite.

So what is roving all about?

Roving is a exciting, fun and challenging activity, where you operate your amateur radio satellite gear from a grid square other than the one where you live.

I love to seek out interesting places and grid squares to transmit from, and with that I often become the rare portable Norwegian station that everybody wants to contact.

Most of the Norwegian grid square’s has never been activated before on satellite, and my main goal for 2022 is to finish my “Activating all Norwegian Grid Squares Rove”.

I have about 51 grid squares left to go, so it should be possible but it will take som time and it’s a very long drive.

Roving is for sure a fun adventure, and I am looking forward to make many new and interesting satellite contacts in 2022.

After my major rove last summer, I descided to apply for the AMSAT Rover Award as the first Scandinavian Amateur Radio Station.