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Amateur Radio Satellites

I started working low earth orbit (LEO) Amateur Radio Satellites from a portable setup containing the Kenwood TH-D72 handheld transceiver and a Arrow Antenna Model 146/437-10 in february 2021, and in the beginning of march 2021 I heard about the Qatar – OSCAR 100 Amateur (GEO) satellitte.

Sunday Mar 7th, 2021 I had my very first SSB contact over the Qatar – OSCAR 100 Amateur (GEO) satellite, working ZS1RBT James in South Africa. I’m using a 110cm offset dish with a dual feed helix antenna ( Ice cone feed ) by DC8PAT. My UP-Converter is the MKU UP 2424 B from KUHNE electronic. GPS stabilization is done by two Leo Bodnar mini GPS modules, with outdoor antennas. What a great gift the Qatar – OSCAR 100 Amateur (GEO) satellitte is to the Amateur Radio community, and I hope this “bird” stays alive for a long long time.