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LC9X CQ WW DX Contest CW 2021

This was the second time I took part in the CQ WW DX CW Contest, and I ended up with the best Raw Score Statistics so far in my “Contest Career”.

I was in the Single Operator, Single Band 160m, Non Assisted, Low power Categorie.

The propagations was quite good through the Contest, and the K-indices surprisingly low for my location.

My Inverted-L antenna did a great job through the Contest, and my home-made radial plate with 25 ground mounted radials 65ft in lenght, kept the ground loss to it’s minimum for this installation.

With only 80W left into the feedpoint after a 492ft coax run, I wanted to make sure that all of the 80W of RF Energy was radiating from the antenna and not wasted in the coax screen. The Balun Design 1:1 Maxi Choke Balun Dual Core Model 1116ds 5kW, become the solution.