Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine!

I strongly condemn Russia’s brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, and this is a clear violation of international law’s, UN statutes and a violation of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

From the very first day of the invasion of Ukraine, we have seen troops from Russia and Belarus bombing hospitals, schools, kinder gardens, churches, power plants, homes and other civilian infrastructure.

These Russian and Belarusian bastards are also shooting and bombing innocent women, children and others civilians that are trying to evacuate from cities in Ukraine.

This is an Act of Pure Evil!

The enormity of the war crimes and crimes agains humanity committed by Russia and Belarus in the war against Ukraine, is hard to grasp.

A line has been crossed, and I want to be crystal clear on one thing.

My political neutrality within the Amateur Radio hobby is dead.

There will be none Russian or Belarusian Amateur Radio callsigns, in any of my logbooks.

Neither today, nor in the future.

Slava Ukraini!